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1889. Electric Light - General (D-89-33)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to electric lighting and power. Included are letters pertaining to the incandescent lamp, the alternating current controversy, and electrocution experiments conducted by Harold P. Brown, a New York electrical engineer. There are also documents concerning lamp tests conducted by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad and by the Niagara River Hydraulic Tunnel Co., which was established to develop a hydroelectric power system in Buffalo, N.Y. Edison advised the company about the construction of central stations and about a direct-current distribution system. A series of lengthy memoranda written by Edison on this subject can be found near the end of the folder. There is also a satiric pamphlet relating to the patent litigation of the Edison Electric Light Co. Among the correspondents are H. Ward Leonard, an electrical engineer involved in lamp tests, and Edward D. Adams, president of the Cataract Construction Co. and a promoter of the Niagara Falls project.

Approximately 80 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following categories of documents have not been filmed: routine requests for information about electric lighting, electrocution, and Edison’s fiber search; letters of transmittal; other routine business correspondence; duplicate copies of selected documents. '

/ic* by H.W.L. LEONARD & JZARp/^ .1 I

Consulting ant) Contracting Electrical Engineers, (Up .1

ROOM 42S, -THE RO^mf,. . (til \\

Mr. Thoms A. Edison, Orange, N.J.

B* & “• ^-oad Co. you will remember made a test upon the:Edison new: lamps not lons.sinoe. A life test upon Edison lamps, Sawyer-uann, United States & Perkins lamps took place a day or two since ,and thinking you my be interested in the various meas¬ urements of tie best lamps made by tie various oompanies to-day, 1 send you herewith data of this eharaeter. All this data applies to the condition of the lamps as they started out upon the life test. This life test will be continued until the positive position of the various u*. as regards superiorly , is is arrived at., if -there are any points in connection with the lamps „f various .ahers which y„a would lib. ,o have iuvestipated.l win tab. pleasure in sivins such mattor. attention. Ea.b ^ bas entered .It or more lamps.

Yours very truly,

Leonard & Izard.



* Lif0 --St by C. L. & Cl. IV.’ Co. u roty-rding at beginning of •’




Hated C. P.



Average Horinontal C,p,



Average Waits per C. "p.



Highest C. P.



Lowest C. P.



Least watts per C. P.



Greatest watts per C. P.

3. go


Highest average reading at one point

: 10,3


Lowest average reading at one. point. .



Averagei reduction





£Xo i 'Jc (?~cajI~

. ' l*r« g^iCC-Cf -CCCv...,

l tro




e. UWv -

- *4' f*

iu^- t u/-a i £ <■' o. k b


, IQ--C-

££ c~^ ^-\ A l K-P

"k uv>~\^jv^t r-a-

!\ M i'~

Co '6» ^yUi^^U.O C. <-™c-*r v, .<_,,■

-r~' £ r ,


,& ,-~ «....«_ r : ^

C^i-O-L a^-<? -fet ^ia


££€&&&/?/• ( Eq u ITABLE BUI LDJNG )


/£. £C^// ^ -

U^ /j£ ~ \f ^AA- /y? 'ZU.*L~z£^


//z^T > ^U- ^

J *> & *■




* ^ ' ^ w . . .ZsrsisiSLe SZsCrp-*

-gesces y& ;;£**. ^e-, .^^; ^

/itX^'Ajfe-.-.Ai ~ / tS 2. a ! -a . \ V. y. /?:• a /

. ??'l'fl/isyvl'c<™^4 -t£co£ J.

\wrO^.\ |4,UJ

/ i 4.

- W: ^

j / ; :*/ . : ; : : I . ; - - '“r^:

^\J^ern-utAy \& ^^.k*^***^^ ;

^ . &6ts. *

l 4^? JeevroJ

f Jf... <d#?roe-. &t

lew. , . . . . . . . ._ ^ .. ... .

-^ccAe-w ?w-CdA-&z/c/' ^ \aS\ £ I


(Si . _

_*J .z&disi

'^...^//e^Jtyie^ cf. f ^ ^

j 1<c/t.tvU-«rl> ' J/ :

'yiy }y j

cferl£tAJ>\_0wv \co€A.6&cr'r^fce4 aste\

^ic^eA_T 1 ' !

'&.£. Joe. *f«


^ ^ \^f Mcfy /.

4^ ; A>e™^r U / . J _

^ ^ ^LeL^ Uj***£ fuJr \*J& )&X* Jj /tfhrt*/

L, |:,ijJ-::LL J- :.£[, r[|.' '


Mr. Brown's circular regarding the danger of alternating currents, which includes a copy of the Medico-Legal Society's report has been sent to the Mayors, members of city Governments, Insurance men and principle business men in every city and town of over 5,000 inhabitants in the United States. --

As a result, every mail brings him a pile of letters from all over the country asking for all sorts of information and ad¬ vice. These enquiries are followed up and in two or three dif¬ ferent towns he has been requested by the Mayor to visit them and make an examination of the existing plants, take electrical mea¬ surements with a view to determining leakage &c. and generally ad¬ vise them, in regard to the danger &c. He will of course accept these invitations, and he has all the instruments necessary ex-— cepting a Photometer to' me asure<a*& lights. ' He tel ls mo that you have- such an instrument and wants to know if you could spare it-- for a short time. I know that you will recognize the importance of this and if you cannot spare the apparatus which you have, can you advise iae where to go to get one?

ToT. A. Edison, Esq.

Orange , U. J. '


Consulting and Contracting Electrical Engineers,

L-R«O0Kt"Il?^'^.G0, bi6‘ by lumber exchange, m.nneapouI

. Chicago, Jan.23rd. , . /SS


ter. Thomas A. fedison,

Orange, te.J.

Dear Sir1: -

Am pleased to be able io report that our lamps, in the lif« test our malting much better showing than they have up to this date-. The drop in candle power seems to have stopped, we learn informally from- the expert conducing the test. Will give you positive informa¬ tion in the course Of a few days.

0-, OO-Z^y O



. ^O0 (!<•«.-> »• v. ..•/m...^.../

w. _ _ ^ Y ' 7 ,,


k^HHSa*k, * Consulting and Contracting Electrical Engineers. JsSSE,,. ' '

' THn^o»°«K^ 7"™^™°°' EiC. by H.W.L. LUMBER EXCHANGE, MINNEAPOLIS.

reply to ::::: Y -Y Chicago , Jan.29 th*. ,/88 9.

<&***- S~/^ jo,

Mr. Thomas A. Edison,.

Orange, N.J.

Dear Sir:

Beg to submit the following tabulated data regarding the condition of the life test being made by the C. B. & Q..iRy«Cp!r y Yours very truly,





Lamp Life Test, C. B. & a. Ry. Co.

Jan. 28 th. ,1889-







No. of Lps at beginn¬ ing.



200 hrs.

Edison (110)








1 st. lot




T76 -


Edison (100)

C. P.







2 nd. lot




T92 -


United States

C. P.





- lfc


1 st. lot (110)






U. S. (108)

C. P.

_ 14LJL





2 nd. lot







C. P.












Perkins (110)

C. P.







1 st. lot




182 .


Perkins ( no?.' 2 nd. lot

slot Oj

15 ju

t rec’a.


from t


ifr. Upton has given me the batch of lamps which you sent out, and 1 shall endeavor to get them entered in the test at the C. B. & a. Mr. Upton suggests operating them at about’ 320 candles per electrical horse power. I will endeavor to place them in this way •unless you have some other desire. Mr. Pierce, the expert who is con¬ ducting the test, is thinking of making microscopical examination of the filaments of the various lamps, new and old. I told him- X thought a good deal of work had been done in this line, hut that I would find out from you in regard to the nutter and learn whether TO weul<£ he likely to lead to interesting Results. V/ill you kindly let- me know what has been done in this line, and what the p^eVis of: learning .anything thereby?

Yours very truly, .


*‘ '^*7

A - y <& e^L^

t^<- /z^? .

C!e~^-^Ot£> &T>C<^ yC^Wx e.

^ A-t^t^, W^ rx-^L^Lc**.^ ~Atca^t;- °U^ r£z /<Wy^, / .

^^><-<2-zCtT, /y^y <tc- ux^-S^}


th&t I have awulf witnessed the reduction in accordance woth one' oi the patents examined by Mr. Kennelly of a potential of 1000

volts down to less than 50 volts, and the lighting of incandescent lamps by the induced c undent which apparently was as steady as the usual alternating currents used for lighting.

Mr. Kennelly1^ assertion that 1, he ihvention has no basis in theory of practice served to demonstrate the complete novelty of the invention.

Orange, N. J. .!

My Dear Mr Edison, J have frequent occasion to test arc lights in behalf of city authorities who hayfe contracted for them as Itghts of 2,000 candle power j and -j these are not always satisfied wtth measurements of the f volts and amperes of the curre?it. As l always leave the. mayor and coundl pledged to a& ordinance prohibiting the i alternating current at higher E. M . F. than *300 volts , /' trust you will pardon my addressing you concerning the


practicability of a photometer for getting merely approx¬ imate measurements from the lamps as they appear in ser¬ vice. The only feature of novelty is that a pane of col¬ ored glass is setjfaii attgle midway between the angles Of Itght rays received from both sources; parallel with this \ is a sheet of ground glass, one half of Which is illumina¬ ted from each source . As the Itghts are thert of the same color, the distance of the standard light can be varied until the line of demarcation between the halves is lost.

By setting the bottom “c level and arranging the aper¬ tures so that angle "bfaXKmust be of soy, 45 degrees {.for uiong arc« lamps) in order that the Itght from a shall strike the screen "fj1 the length of "hf may of course be

determined by measuring t7ie base of the triangle, I do not know whether the color £z tithe glass "e'will have unva¬

rying effect Upon the Hgfyt from; t7tm:ity^p^^r^S^6ur» ces and , if so, what the variation would be. It will

add greatly to my obligations to you if you can see that

. . (vi it i

i am set right tn the mattert and ^indicate some candle

or portable lamp to be used as a standard.

Sincere ly fours ,

Sketch inclosed,





This list comprises Central Stations only, and does not include any isolated plant

74 Albany, N. 7". - ■' A 20' Allegheny City, Pa.

'■ 00 Alloohdi Pit.

100 Annapolis, MU,, - '■ 78' 'Aspen, Col'. -

04 Aurora, 'Ills'.

1 738 \ Austin) 'Tex'.

■70 * Baltimore , Mil. '-44' Bath, Me.' -

120 “• xBcei/ficcl Neb; -

7110 ' 'Beaver Falls, Pa. ■21' Beaver liaih, Wis.

40 Bennington, VI. -

104 Black Hawk , Co l. 120' BinghnmtbufN. 7'.

105 ‘Bboueville: Mo:,

71 Brailtlock, Pa. -

121 Bristol. Pa, -

73 Buffalo, I i'i/o. Ter. 128 Burlington', > I 7.

'2' 'Gdrbinuldl'c, Pa.

■'SO ‘Cedar Bit, pids, la. •“27' ’>'CJUirlesiodfW. Va. 37 Chattanooga, Tenn.

A. 02 ''Clncagoinis. '■ 7120 'Clinton, Hi; " '■'31 Colorado tS/irlr,

■84 ColitniliusfOhio, - '■'■’35 Conshohocken, Pa.

'■MO ' ' Cbuiieil Bluffs, Iowa, 32 Weaver . Col; -

111 Wd'iiihmgtoivh, Pa. ' '■08 Waliitli, Minn. - '■:'12 \mi'std)i, Md. : '- \"90 'lidri Claire, Wis. -•

05 Elizabeth, N. J. - 98 Englewood, Ills.

113 ''Evansville find. - V$2 XFtmi vMdtiE' - -

Fort Edward, N: T.

Mtbm)-Neby\' - 'ammai

i won; Tex. -



1st increase, '1300



1st increase, "050

' 050

'1st increase, ' 050 050

' '' 400

1st iiicredse, 2d increase,

The Albany Electric Illuminating Co. Allegheny County Light (Jo. '

Mountain City 'Electric Lights Heat ,j-'Power Co. Annapolis Electric. Light Co.

Boaring Fork E/celne Light $■ Power Co. Aurora Electric Light ,7 Power Co.

' Ansliti Water, Light' % Power Co.

'The 'Brush, Electric Co.) of Ballnnore City, Mil.

'■ 'Bath Electric Light- ',j- Power Co. '

' mill rice 'FJitefri6-TJ(tht\'C6. '•

Braver Valley HleeMe Light $ Power Co.

'' Beaver Bdni JBeetrfd'IJg'hF Co. ' ' '

Bennington Electric Light ,?• Power Co.

Stearns, Bogcr <)'■ Co.

Binghamton ' (las ff: Electric Co. 1 Bonneville ElerMe '. Light ,7 'Power Co.

Citizens Electric Light Co.

The Bristol Electric Light ,7 Bower Co.

■Buffalo Electric Light' $''PoweryCa.

Geo. T. Beck.

'■Burlington 'Gas Light Co. ■'"'■■■ 1 \ \P' } Electric Light, Heal #■ Power Co.

' Cedar Bapids Mccbi'-ic Light $ Power Co.

'‘ •Kanawha Electric 'Light' Co:

Chattanooga Electric Light Co.

'Consiimers Elect fie Light Cor v.*>- The Clinton, Electric Light; Heck'#' Power Co El \Paso 'Electric Co. ' . V. . . v >

‘Columbus Gas Light .j-'Coke Co. 'Conshiihoekch Meet rid Li <gld"ff 'Power Co.

Stormont Electric Light $ Power Co.

'Electric Light VJV Power Co. of Council Bluffs. Denver Light,- Heat <j- Power 'Co." '

II. 3. .McFavldhf •■ '■ '■ '

' Duluth Electric Light: Power Co.

Edsion Electric Light Co.

Erin- Clidr Electric Light ff Poiver 'Co.y

Elizabeth Electric Light, Heat $■ Power Co. Englewood Electric Light Co.

'Evansville Gas 'and Electric Light Co.

■Peoples Electric 'Light' >7 \Powcr *Co. ' V' Et, Edward- Electric Light 7 Power Co., Eintite WlPW5rlhElebtri6>LightvCo'.'\ ; ;

\F>-emont'GasyanH:El4kt?-ic light Co. V . ^GhihEHoille Eight'.'# 'Etl'dl Ob'. ° “i'S

Brush Electric Light g Power Co. ,,. J

1 Greensburg, Pa. 117 Hagerstown, Md. 46 Halifax, JV. S. -

132 Hamilton, Ou t.

S Hartford, Conn.

132 Havana, Cuba,

14'1 Haywards, Cal.,

51 Hillsdale, Mich. - 72 Hoboken, JV. J. - 106 Hoosae Falls, JV. T. 61 Hot Springs, Ark.

77 Houston, Tex.

114 Joilet, Ills. - '

181 Juiz de Fora, Brazil , 47 Junction City, Kan. 137 Kansas City, Mo., - 63 Kingston, Ont.

40 Lincoln, JVcb.

97 Little Book, Ark.

30 Littleton, JV. H. - 142 London, England., - 109 Mansfield, Ohio 105 Maquoketa, Iowa.

80 Marshall, Tex. - 99 Mendola, Ills.

36 Minneapolis, Minn. 116 Montgomery, Ala.

33 Morristown, JV. J.

39 JVashville, Tenn. -

85 JVewark, Ohio, - 79 JVew Bedford, Mass. -

57 JVew London, Conn. 7 JVew Orleans, La.

139 JVew York, JV. Y., 110 JVorwieh, JV. Y.

91 Oakland, Cal. - 88 Olean, JV. Y.

58 Oneonta, JV. Y.

20 Ouray, Col.

115 Paducah, Ky. - - 87 Palmer, Mass.

19 Parkersburg, W. Va.

92 Passaic, JV. J.

42 Peekskill, JV. 2".

18 Philadelphia, Pa.

108 Pine Bluff , Ark.

11 Pittsfield, Mass. -

9 Pittsburgh, Pa.

1st ii


62 Pittsburgh, (.East End.)



1st increase, 650 2d 1300

Sd 650

1500 500 650 1300 1300 650 650 650

S. A. 1500

650 3000 650 1950 650

1st increase, 650 650 10000 650 400

1st increase, 250 650 650 6500 1300 650

1st increase, 650 650

1st increase, 650 2d increase, 750 650 1300

1st increase, 650 2d 650

1300 1300

1st increase, 1300 2d " 2600

Sd 1300

10000 650 1800 650 650 650 400 650 1300

1st increase, 650 650 1300 1950 1300 1300

1st increase, 650 2d , 650 ...


1st increase, 1800 . 2d 1800

3d 1300

4th 1300

5th 1300

6th 2600

7th " 2600

8th “. 2600


1st increase, 2600 2d. . 200

3d 2850

The Peoples Electric Light Co. Hagerstown Electric Co. Cha.nd.ler Electric Co., Limited..

Hamilton Electric Light Co. Hartford Light <j- Power Co.

Spanish, -American Light and. Power Co.

S. L. Ingram.

Hillsdale Electric Light Co.

Hudson Electric Light Co.

Hoosae Falls Electric Light Co.

Hot Springs Electric Light Co.

The Houston Electric Light §• Power Co., of 1887 Joliet Electric Light Co.

Junction City Electric Light Co.

The Sperry Associate Electric Co.

Kingston Electric Light Co., Limited.

Lincoln 'Electric Light Co.

Little Hock Electric Light Co.

Littleton Water $■ Electrie Light Co.

The Metropolitan Electrie Supply Co., Limited. Richland Electric Light $ Power Co.

Barnes Brothers.

Phoenix Electric Light §■ Power Co.

Menclota Electric Light Co.

Minneapolis Electric Light Co.

Brush. Electric Light 8- Power Co.

Morristown Electric Light, Heat $■ Power Co.

JVashville Lighting 8' Poiver Co.

JVewark Electric Light §■ Power Co. JVew Bedford Gas Light Co.

JVew London Electrie Light Co. Louisiana Electrie Light §■ Power Co.

The Mt. Morris Electric Light (j- Power Co. JVorwieh Light 8' Poiver Co.

Oakland Gas Light- $■ Heat Co.

Olean Electric Light $■ Power Co.

Oneonta Electrie Light 8' Bower Co.

Ouray Electrie Light 8' Poiver Co.

Paducah Gas Light Co.

Palmer Electrie Co.

Parkersburg Electric Light 8 Power Co.

Passaic Electric Light, Heat 8' Power Co. Peekskill Electric. Light, 8' Power Co. Keystone Light 8' Power Co.

Pine Bluff Water 8‘ Light Co.

The Pittsfield Illuminating Co.

Allegheny County Light Co.

East End, Electric Light Co.

S!) Piltslon. Pa,.

15 Plainfield, JY. ,).

129 Plallsburg, JY. )'.

4$ Port Huron, Mich. SI Pork Jervis, JY. Y.

1-4 Portland, Me. - 184 Portland, Ore., - 118 Providence, It. 1.

107 Pueblo, Col.

112 Red, Cloud, Neb.

124 lied Wing, Minn.

S3 Riehft.eld Springs, A'. 22 Richmond, fa. -

127 Salem, A'\ J. - 70 Salem, Ohio.

52 Salina, Ran. - 54 Sail Antonio, Tex.

95 San Bernardino, Cal.

96 San Diego, Cal. - 75 Sandusky, Ohio.

10 Savannah, Ga. -

16 Schenectady, JY. Y. 59 Seivard, JYeb. - 18 Sheffield, Ala.

82 Shreveport, La.

98 Sing Sing, JY. T: 86 Sioux City, Iowa. 185 Slcowhegan, Me., - 24 Springfield, Mass.

50 Springfield, Ohio. 35 Stapleton, JY. Y.

34 Steubenville, Ohio.

60 Stillwater, Minn. 4S St. Cloud, Minn. 23 St. Louis, Mo.

66 St. Paul, Minn.

4 Tampa, Fla..

6 Torrington, Conn.

28 Trenton, A'. J.

133 Toronto, Ont. - 100 Troy, A'. 2".

67 Tyler, Tex.

125 Washington, Pa. 101 Wcyers Cave, Ya. - 5 Wheeling, T Y. Ya.



1st increase, 1300







1st increase, 750 650 750

1'. 650


1st increase, 1300

- 2d 5000

500 650

1st increase, 650 650 650 1800 1800 1800 650

1st increase, 650

2d 650

3d 650




1st increase, 750 650 1800 650 500 1300

1st increase, 650

1950 650

1st increase, 650

2nd 650

3d 1300

4th 1300


1st increase, 1300 650 650 12000 2600

1st increase, 1500 650 650

1st increase, 650


1st increase, 650 3000 1300 650

1st increase, 650 300

1st increase, 650 500 650 650

1st increase, 650

2d 650


Citizens Electric Illuminating Co.

The Plainfield Fieri ric Light Co.

P/al/sbnrg Electric Co.

Excelsior Electric. Co., of Port. Huron.

The Deer Park Electric. Light Co. Consolidated Electric Light Co. Falls Electric Co.

The A'drra Electric Lighting Co.

The Pueblo Light, Heat $ Power Co.

Red Cloud. Electric Light Co.

Red Wing Gas ,j- Electric Co.

Richfield Springs Electric Light $ Power Co. The. Virginia, Electric Light. $ Power Co.

Salem Electric Light Co.

Salem Electric Light %■ Power Co.

Electric Light <j- Power Co.

The Electric Light. Power Co., of San Bernardino. Geo. D. Copeland.

Sandusky Electric Light, Fuel-Gas $ Supply Co. Brush, Electric Light # Power Co.

Wcsti.ngh.ousc Illuminating Co.

Seward Electric Light cj- Power Co.

Sheffield. Electric Light. Works.

The Shreveport Incandescent Electric LUht Co Sing Sing Electric Light Co.

Sioux City Electric Co.

Weston cj Bigelow.

United Electric Light Co.

Champion Electric Light. Co.

Richmond Light, Heat §• Power Co., Limited.

Electric Light <j- Power Co.

Stillwater Gas $ Electric Light Co.

The St. Cloud Gas <j' Electric Co.

The .Missouri Electric Light <j- Power Co. St. Paul Gas Light Co.

Tampa Electric. Light 8' Power Co.

The Torrington Electric Light Co.

Peoples Electric Light Co.

Consumers Gas Co.

Troy Electric Light Co.

Tyler Electric Light <j- Power Co.

Home Electric Light 4- Steam Heating Co.

Washington Electric Light 4 Power Co. 'Die Grottoes of the Shenandoah.

The W heeling Electrical Co.

York Electric Co.

<A aj/- ,

*'c A . ^ - -A

. f3s~ -^Z-^v\S

- dZf-t^. ....JjL&-C^£OtU^.I^L^!^^/_

—£iJr: .-/tAtr^CCJi yOJ^L

^ :^Lraa*-o*-A V : /& >#r-

: .^ Mfi. ._ o. ., . ?>£. Xw? .

£?< &Zxl<C-

, /9K^\Su^7^v^. . (fk'&<.d~fi'uL*‘.

- . jC^</.. vC^ ... '

. ~ /^"fL^uJ!\ £L~uuy ,sd?a-^jCn-xj<}

. ^'1^-'t-d4/t--^ ✓£-^v^i Cisi-)t? &>... ZtJ^Lhx JL_ j~ ...

- - .... dfctZ/L.AsUSsdtZ . (l^t^yvi^J

—dcL-. -d-&~U-l£.< ■: *5tJl .. ‘Q-tosQ*-£&,


1 /bd: _£Lt

. /yu'Jr

<&-*; /&■ .

-£A~fL.. Z*J—eC£/-. :

-./AfjLl, £-/d_ ^

sy <3-2^- , .....'; - _




Consulting and Contracting Electrical Engineers.



. Chicago, Peb...-05


Mr. Thomas A. Edison,

Orange, N.J. . ^ t <

Dear Sir:

Enclosed are facts as to the life test at the C. B. & a. up to a few days since. Six of the special lamps which you sent to us by Mr. .Upton were put in service at normal pressure as marked upon the lamp, and the average candles per electrical horse power^rei sW. 1 At the end of about fifty hours they hhd fallen off about ^cajidlW^^' none had broken and the economy was still higher than the initial, economy of the previously entered Edison lamps. Rush of very im- , ' . portant business has made it impossible for me to get very definite information for the last few' days, but will take an early opportunity . to furnish you more exact information. 1 enclose a pamphlet .which oc- ' : casioned considerable amusement at the M^tion^L Convention a few' days since and which emanates from Freeman. A take-off on the Edison ied ! book was also circulated, Johnson, being the subject of attack 5? that 1

Yours very tr

1 enclosure.


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My dear Mr. Kcnnally;-

•I enclose herewith copy of a letter which is self-explanatory. Hr. Brown thinks it possible that these gen- t lemon might, like to see one ok two animals killed on Wednesday °f this week and wants to know whether it would be convenient for you to allow him to conduct the experiments in the Laboratory, as heretofore, in case %h find it necessary. Mr. Brown will tele¬ graph you early Wednesday morning if it is necessary to make the experiment , and the bearer of this note. will arrange in Orange

tV'° animal3 in r0adinoss- I regret very much to


' ' '! . ~"'”V .


Office of the Superintendent, of State Prisons, /


Dictated C. K. B. to F. D. j

Feb'y 20, 1889.- !

Mr. Harold P. - Brown, i

SOI West 54th St,;

New York.-

Dear Sir:-'

Superintendent. Lathro p directs me to' say that, he and Dr. MacDonald, Warden Brush and myself will, he at. the Gils ey House New York, Wednesday morning, the 27th ins*t* to meet, you as agreed in his optimisation' with you yesterday.- He will, esteem it a favor if you will, notify such other parties as you deem, it, advisable for him to see. It is his pre’.jent. intention to spend Wednesday and Thursday in looking into the matter o/ machinery and appliances for executing criminals by elec.trio.ity. A/ter having' in/ormed himself /tally he desires to; make a opntrao.t for the furnishing of these appliances with the guarantee on- the part, of thb party uiho- furnishes that the plant, shall, perfect^ j ly per/orm. its work, Will, you kindly in/ here where and at what hour j Wednesday morning’ we oatr mpet. you. j

Yours respectfully,

[Signed] Charles K. Baker, j

Private Secretary.

The Superintendent of States. Prisons has asked Mr. Brown to make some experiments for him at the expense of the State, next Tuesday, the 12th inst. I have been trying for the past week to buy, borrow or steal a Westinghouse dynamo but have been unsuccessful. I am afraid therefore that we shall have to trespass again upon your good nature, but the question is whether it would be possible to remind your Siemens alternating dynamo so -that we can get at least 1000 volts? Wo will of course pay any expense connected with the reminding of the dynamo but I would like very much to know by telephone tomorrow whether it can be done without causing anyone serious inconvenience?


''^*1/1*4-*. ft-aJn t-^~*~ --^, /L^niA £

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4XA*.)-L^A.4r^ -yt4,4 *4*^ .

Ici-tUT^ t+r**- 1 ^Zizl~ xt-Zcnu-^

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*£-<c ^ C^VA Catv^C

C-u^*~ ^ *£=- «.*-— -<V~ ^

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IsOty *^- 2Sv-4. ^4^'

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4~i~Ljt-4-^ f l*rf*~ C*s* t*Ay IaA^***^ CftA-f Q~IvaaA~- tA^t r *U^ ljy<*U^ &ti* &»«,., /i!ur«. l€*~£+y »<.

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(n^u~. u«^ cC*-<^4*-

7: ^uzz^ tr(~uzzz(-' ILZj- rf^

^Xr ||7.,y ^


^AROLD P. *91


| L,™p»oTrcT,™Am»»A».b0„rD™.-oA M CtTCh 17 , I38Q. ~~~^/-

My Dear Mr. Edison ,

Early last month I visited Scranton as an expert for the city to determine whether the arc lights were up to contract requirements and to formulate means of making their many overhead wires safe. I inclose a copy of my report and have marked my recommendations. I found that the Brush local company were preparing to put in an alter¬ nating current system and therefore have laid great stress upon the necessity of adopting an ordinance pro¬ hibiting this current at a higher pressure than >3oo voitst Of course they have raised a great outcry and -^zre attack - ing me, endeavoring to discredit my ab i li’t^H^^^nc l osd letter from Mayor Ripple will explain its^^^^^you can. conscientiously send me a line or two which I can show to Mayor Ripple, I shd, l be able to add Scranton to the list of cities whicbt have shut out the high tension alterna¬ ting current which is unsuiied for commercial lighting.

Ihe local Edison manager , the telephone and telgraph supts., and the Sprague R.R. people have approved my rec¬ ommendations, but the Brush people have set their hearts upon getting in the executioner's current.

Sincerely Yours,

LvUttr ^ -

_ (f Xr«/ U«Auiv( tz^zl

. ^*<4' u“~*i

\ ^ l*>«3'U'TC|luO,ie.


As the Westinghouse Electric Co. are making strenuous efforts to introduce their apparatus, and are urging in its favor its 1 'economy1 1 as well as its •' 'safety, * 1 and &s I am frequently consulted on the sub¬ ject, I felt authorized to address to Mr. Westinghouse, on