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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Experimenters Other Than Edison Navy and Wartime Research Experiments -- Miscellaneous Books

These thirteen notebooks were used by Jerry T. Chesler, Charles T. Dally, Newman H. Holland, William A. Hayes, Paul D. Payne, and Edwin Smith, Jr., during 1917-1918 for notes on a variety of experiments performed for the U.S. Navy. Included are entries relating to smoke generation to hide ships, the prevention of rust on submarine guns, and improvements to range finders and spotting telescopes. There are also notes on arc transmitters, resonators, sound-ranging apparatus. In addition, there are experiments ona respirator to protect men in the fighting tops of battleships from sulphur dioxide fumes, an airplane stabilizer to prevent undesired pitching motions, a primary battery for airplane use, and a smoke bomb. Much of this work was carried out under the direction and supervision of Edison.

N-Number Labels and Inscriptions on Front Cover

Selected Books

17-00-00.6 "4445"

17-02-11 "T.A.E. Personal 'X' Account #5045. 2-11-17 -- #5049 2-19-17"; "Edwin Smith Jr."

17-02-27 --

17-07-01 "Notes by Mr. Edison. From July 1 - To 1917"

18-03-03 ---

18-03-13 a

Books Not Selected

Undated.30 ---

47-02-13 "Laboratory Notebook of Richard G. Berger. Lab. Of Thos. A. Edison Feb 13, 1917."; "Subject: Personal for T.A.E Naval"

17-02-24 -—

17-02-26 "Naval Work For Mr. Edison - Personal - by Warwick"

17-08-15 --—-

18-01-00 ---

18-05-29 -—-

Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Experimenters Other Than Edison Navy and Wartime Research Experiments -- Miscellaneous Books Notebook N-17-00-00.6

This undated notebook was used by Charles T. Dally, probably in July 1917, for notes on experimental work done for the U.S. Navy. Most of the entries pertain to smoke generation to conceal ships. A two-page note from Edison to Dally on preparing the "smoke producing stuff" has been inserted into the beginning of the book. The initial entries by Dally on rosin experiments are related to work in Notebooks by Other Experimenters—Phonograph Record Experiments—C. T. Dally Disc Blanks Composition Books. The front cover is labeled "1445." The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 25 pages have been used.

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Notebook Series -- Notebooks by Experimenters Other Than Edison Navy and Wartime Research Experiments -- Miscellaneous Books Notebook N-17-02-11

This notebook was used by Edwin Smith, Jr., during February-July 1917 for notes on experimental work done for the U.S. Navy. The experiments at the beginning of the book, which were directed by Edison, pertain to efforts to prevent the guns on submarines from rusting because of the salt water. Some of the subsequent entries relate to efforts, directed by Edison, to find a substance to place on the lenses of range finders and spotting telescopes to prevent spotting due to undried salts from sea water spray. Other entries concern the development of a respirator to protect men in the fighting tops of battleships from sulfur dioxide fumes, as well as a smoke bomb and a primary battery for airplane use. The front cover is labeled "T.A.E. Personal 'X' Account #5045, 2-11-17 -- #5049 2-19-17" and “Edwin Smith Jr." The pages are unnumbered. Approximately 150 pages have been used.

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